Pine Hill Retreat Center is located within 54 acres of land and provides numerous facilities listed below.

The Center can be used throughout the entire year in 4 seasons.

First Chapel
large chapel
The First Chapel can hold upto 300 people
at a time.  Piano is available in the chapel.
Siloam Chapel

large chapel
The Siloam chapel can hold upto 80 people
at a time. Piano is available in the chapel. 
Bethel Chapel

large chapel
The Bethel chapel can hold up to 80 people
at a time. 

Pine Hill can cater to a wide variety of activities
and sizes.  You can enjoy Korean and American foods in elegant
buffet style.  Cozy and bright caftferia can serve up to 300 people
at a time.
Outdoor resting areas are
places to experience and appreciate God’s creations.
Outdoor facilities
Swimming pool and
playground, tennis court, basketball court, camp fire grounds, nature
trail and sledding hills and other outdoor facilities can be enojyed
four seasons.
Green fields of different
sizes can be used for soccer, kickball, baseball, or other group

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